About us

IM House Clearance

Property clearance can be a time consuming and stressful affair. IM Clearance removes the negatives and makes the process simple, quick and hassle free.

You could be

  • Assisting to clear out the house of a dearly parted relative.
  • Putting a house up for sale or for rent.
  • Preparing a house for refurbishment.
  • Needing to get rid of some unwanted items.

We carry out house clearances of any kind of property, whether it is a studio apartment, flat, bungalow or house. We also clear attics, basements and garages.

Our house clearance can be either partial or complete depending on what you need.

Areas We Cover

We operate within 125 kilometres of Bolsward. This means we operate within Sneek, Groningen, Zwolle, Almere, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Utrecht, Leeuwarden and of course Bolsward!

+31 6 20417342

Elshoutbuurt 7 | Lollum | 8723 SV | Friesland | Netherland

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